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    Join Lobby still doesn't work 9 months later...


      How is it that it has been 9 months now and you still are not able to join a person's lobby.  The only way this works is if they are searching for a game or in a game lobby already, but if you are not searching for a game yet and just trying to get friends together, you are not able to invite them into the lobby.  I find it hard to believe they have never fixed this. My understanding is that this is only an issue on the Xbox One.  I don't remember the exact error message but it says something about the lobby not being joinable.

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          Generally it works on the PS4 but sometimes even we have issues with it.  I have found though that when we have issues that the work around is to start a party chat.  Once your friend joins the party chat they can highlight you and they will have the option to join your session.  I've got a few friends that almost always have to join through party chat.