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    What I would like to see.



      This is my first post on the CoD AW forum, I haven't read all the posts and have just seen about 2 videos of the game, so just bear with me.


      The real demolition game type back.


      Proper in game score boards, defend, cap, defuse etc.


      The return of the legendary spaz, the one from MW2, everything about it was overpowered, so much so, it was great!.  


      I know this next one will alienate 95% of players, so I know its a non starter, K/D - only show this in TDM, FFA and other none objective game types, if they done this, all the other game types will be like a ghost town. lol


      HC-KC where you get proper points when you deny a kill.


      From the 2 videos or so that I have seen of MP, it looks real fast, almost as fast pace as MW2.


      And this one looks allot better (already) than Ghosts, even though I got Ghosts in the first couple of days, I never really got into it.