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        60. Re: What is your best strategy for getting allot of kills?

        I haven't reported you for anything, I'm thick skinned enough to ignore your jibes and I respect your right to an opinion even if I don't agree with it. If your posts are getting moderated, it's because of the content.


        There is no point in me providing a video. If the one above is bs, then I  assume mine would be bs aswell. And if you believe the legitimacy of the video I provided and want me to prove that I can do it 1 hr 40 mins slower than that, then you have a screw loose.

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          61. Re: What is your best strategy for getting allot of kills?

          boybad wrote:


          Well you all talk and have never got to 100,

          Yes I have, although I have not been to 100 on Die Rise solo. You keep making this point but why? The discussion is about the strategy, not about me or my personal records.


          boybad wrote:

          Flaw you say... and this is not a flaw if it still works? which it doesn't work how it is shown in the vid it works exactly the same as that spot or many others on this map.

          The galvaknuckle strategy/camping spot was patched and therefore no longer works. The flaw being that there was only one spawn point and the zombies could not reach you as long as you kept shooting the floor. The video is from February 2013.

          You can still camp in this area in low rounds using automatic weapons and the ray gun but when the zombies start getting faster you will die quicker than you can reload. You can no longer use the sliquifier here as zombies now drop down from above your head behind the spot you would usually be standing.

          The method for camping may be the same in each area but the speed in which the zombies die changes due to the number of spawns, spawn rate and the distance that the zombies travel to reach you. In the strategy we described, there are only 2 spawn points that are very close to the spot in which you kill them, they are close enough for the zombies to be dying in a constant chain.

          The escalator is an effective camping spot too but there are multiple spawn points spaced much further apart, the zombies have further to travel making this a slower camping spot, the zombie chain breaks quite often here. Also for some reason camping on the escalator often causes an error message  on 80+.

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            62. Re: What is your best strategy for getting allot of kills?

            Yeah these camping strategies certainly are  cheap, unfortunately this is the way that certain maps  have turned out. The wonder weapons should always be able kill the zombies on any round but not allow a player to camp to highrounds with very little effort. I think that Treyarch nerfed the Sliquifier and Petrifier in the wrong way, Instead of making them weaker in higher rounds they should have just made it easier for the zombies to get to us when using them. The sliquifier would be perfect without the puddles. I would love them to make a wonder weapon that is just a powerful assault rifle, one that would be able to kill a full hoard of zombies on any round with one clip aiming at the head but be significantly weaker when aiming at the body.

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              63. Re: What is your best strategy for getting allot of kills?

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                64. Re: What is your best strategy for getting allot of kills?

                I don't care.

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