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        So, have you all seen this Ice Bucket Challenge thing for ALS that's going around Facebook and the rest of the internet?  I got challenged today, so you'll all have a reason to visit Facebook tomorrow night to see me get drenched in ice water.  Oh, I guess I'm not Facebook friends with Jad, so I might have to send you a PM so you can find me on there. 


        @Hawk: Yeah, there's always something cool for free on PS Plus, so it seems like it'd be worth it just for the free games, not even considering that you need it to play online this generation.  It'll especially be useful while I just have a few PS4 games at first.  Haha, yeah, the sequel to last year's Tales of Xillia got released.  I've barely had time to play it so far, though, since I've been packing up my apartment.  I'm only like 2 hours in, and I got it on Tuesday.  Ah, the old days of Tales of the Guardian.  That was not great writing, but at least it got me writing and starting to think about it.  The Rogue Shadow would take down the Guardian in five seconds flat, though.  The professor hasn't given me any real tips on that yet, but I haven't really asked about it yet.  I figure I'll ask when I meet with her to talk about the story when she's read the final version here. 


        Just looked it up online, and it looks like the Scarecrow Nightmare Pack is DLC exclusive to the PS4, and the Red Hood DLC is exclusive to Gamestop pre-orders.  At least, that's what Google told me. 

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          So, in honor of the exciting Bobbi news I decided to celebrate by buying a steak, a small cheesecake, and beer!  May not sound like much but I rarely eat steak or sweets.  The beer aint so rare, haha.  Man, the more I watch of Palicki in Friday Night Lights more and more I'm getting to the conclusion she might just be the perfect Bobbi casting.  This might be up there with some of Marvel's best.  She has this easy charisma and presence and just the right amount of attitude.  I just saw a scene where she jumped to the defense of someone being assault and dared them to hit her and just stared em down that was really good.  Renner should be begging Feige and Whedon to film some scenes with her, haha.


          @Iron - The writing is definitely a big question mark, but hopefully they've had learned from their mistakes and this time they won't be held back by a big movie release.  I've seen them say that Coulson and the team will be a lot more low tech without all the money and resources of SHIELD behind them.  That and his SHIELD team being illegal makes me think they won't go too crazy with flying cars and gadgets this season.  I agree that Gregg is very dry and lacking charisma, but hopefully the others can pick up on that end.  Lucy Lawless is great and Cobie is gonna be making some appearances as Maria Hill, I believe.  It was also announced today that Absorbing Man is gonna be the bad guy for the season two premiere which is pretty awesome, though I'm also wondering how the agents will be able to deal with him.  I guess they'll have to use some science tech to neutralize him, but where would they get that without the money backing em.


          @Rogue - Mockingbird in MCU and Rogue is getting dunked in ice water?  Santa got my Christmas list!  Haha, hope ya have fun, as much as you can with that sorta thing anyway!


          Only two hours?  How is that even possible!  Haha, hope your packing is going well though.  How much have ya got done so far?  Haha, I remember back when you were planning to be a science teacher before ya got into writing!  It wasn't the greatest, but everyone's gotta start somewhere and all that.  Would that be in thumb wrestling or tic tac toe?


          Ah, nice!  I'll probably wait for the Game of the Year edition which packages all that together.

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            RS - I sent who I believe to be you a friend request on Facebook (sure hope I'm right or that will be a bit akward!).  Can't miss the ice shower!


            Hawk - I'm glad you're happy with the casting.  I hope the writing turns out to be to your liking as well!  I'm looking forward to see if season two of AoS will keep the momentum from the end of season 1 going!

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              @Jad - I still need to finish season one of SHIELD.  I got a month to do it though.  Shouldn't be too hard since I just binge watched 22 episodes of Friday Night Lights in about three nights, haha.  Do you plan to rewatch season one in anticipation of new SHIELD episodes?

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                Hawk I hope you are right and if they can up the ante with some cool villains, some good story lines then it might get off to a good start. I like the group being illegal and having to be a bit more creative in dealing with things. Can hardly wait for the MB episode. However you need to get a hold of yourself at this rate you will have a heart attack when Bobbi appears, lol.

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                  @Iron - Haha, nevermind the episode, I'll have a heart attack when the release the first set pics of her!  But as much as I hope and wish the SHIELD episode is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things for Bobbi, like showing up in the movies and hanging with Clint, nothing is guaranteed outside of just the one episode.  I like enjoying this moment, however long it lasts.  Bobbi isn't a big name Avenger, she wouldn't even qualify as a big name female Avenger, and yet she's getting this shot before Jan, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-woman.  On top of that, they did an amazing job casting her.  I feel super lucky and wanna bask in the glow, haha.  With Hawkeye, I was really disappointed they cast Renner, the dialogue for his Thor cameo was good but Renner's delivery was lifeless, and I was just broken hearted after Avengers when Clint's first big role was a plank of wood.  It seems like everything went wrong with Clint, but, at least right now, everything has been amazing for Bobbi.  It's nice to be so excited without little niggling reservations, even though I'm trying to remind myself to temper my expectations.

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                    So I got my PS4 today!  There was a deal where you get $40 off when you get a year of PS Plus with it, too, so it was like I got a year of PS Plus for only $10.  I ended up getting a PS4 and PS Plus for a year for like $320, including tax. Got inFamous Second Son at Gamestop a couple days ago, too, since it was on sale for $40.  So, yeah, it's gonna be pretty cool.  I can't actually get the PS4 set up and start playing it until I get to my new apartment on the 1st, but I'm pretty excited for it now.


                    @Jad: Yep, that was me!  And it looks like you got in on the ice bucket stuff, too.  It's spreading all over pretty quick.


                    @Hawk: Haha, I wonder which one was higher on the list!?  It turns out that getting a bucket of ice water dumped on your head feels pretty cold.  I know, you're shocked.


                    I know, it's crazy!  I've been really busy with packing, moving, working, and all that, so I haven't had much time to play it until today, actually.  Finally got a couple solid hours in tonight.  Well, now I actually have everything packed up and moved into my mom's house, since I'm just staying there for the week between the end of one lease and the start of the other one.  I get to move into the new place on the 1st.  Yeah, that was way back in the old days. I guess it's expected that your first attempts at writing are never exactly gonna be great, since the whole point is that you're gonna improve over time, just like with anything else.  Nothing lame like thumb wrestling or tic tac toe!  It's all about the rock, paper, scissors!


                    And I probably won't wait and will just get it right on release day.  Too bad it got pushed back to February, but it looks really cool still. 

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                      @Rogue - That's awesome!  Congrats on joining the PS4 club!  That's a pretty sweet deal, ya gotta be happy with that.  I would be going crazy having the PS4 just sitting there and not setting it up, though, haha.  Luckily, the free PS4 games for August haven't been spectacular.  To be fair, I haven't played em much, but I just found em to be alright.  I'm not sure what will be in store for September, but hopefully it's something good!  Did you get a free $10 in credit for PSN?  It came with my PS4, not sure if that was just a special bonus for buying at launch.


                      Try not to get too offended, but it was Bobbi.  I know, I know, I talk about dunking you ice water all the time, but Bobbi just edged you out.  It's a good thing this craze is happening in the summer.  If you tried to do it during a Minnesota winter a solid block of ice would clock you on the head.


                      Don't your bosses know you got Xilia and a PS4!  You should be getting a paid vacation!  Haha, how have you liked it so far?  Is it holding up to the other Tales games?  Oh, wow, moving several times in a couple of weeks sounds like a pain.  Are you moving the big stuff like your bed to your mom's place too?  Yeah, the stuff I used to write way back in high school was pretty awful stuff.  I would probably hurt myself cringing if I read it now.  I cringe at my more recent writing too though, haha.  Don't talk smack about thumb wrestling!  It's the sport of the gods!

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                        Rogue congratulations on the new place hope it is nice and the new PS4. Hope you have a ton of fun with it.


                        Hawk I am very positive that MB will show up in more than one episode especially if you think they cast her well.

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                          @Hawk: Yeah, it's pretty cool to get it for that cheap.  It said on my receipt that I saved like $150 on it.  I really wanna boot it up and try playing some inFamous Second Son, but it's gotta wait until at least Monday when I get to the new place.  And I'm sure I'll be spending most of the day moving stuff and and getting things set up, so I probably won't have much time to play it at first anyway. I don't know if I got a $10 PSN credit, actually.  I think it'd be inside the box, if I did, and I haven't opened the box yet.  It might just have been a launch thing, like you said.


                          I'm completely and totally offended!  I thought me getting dunked in ice water was your dream!  It's not like Bobbi's one of your favorite characters ever or anything.  haha, yeah, it'd be pretty bad to do this in the winter.  It'd be downright unsafe, so I think I'd just stick with donating the money instead of dumping the ice water on my head then.


                          Exactly!  I tried to explain to them that Tales of Xillia 2 is just much more important than the back to school season at Target, but they didn't seem to understand that.  It's pretty cool so far with the same cool combat as the first game, some good humor, and all that.  There's a lot of reuse of areas from the first game, which is a little lame though it makes sense.  I guess it's mainly annoying because the areas were kinda the weakest part of the first game, since a lot of them are kinda empty compared to other Tales games.  Most Tales games have lots of puzzles and stuff, but Xillia 1 and 2 don't really have those as much.  It's pretty fun overall, though.  Yeah, pretty much all the big stuff is out in the garage while I wait out the week to get to the new place, so it's a lot of moving each direction.  haha, yeah, I'm almost afraid to go back and look at the old Tales of the Guardian stuff now.  But rock, paper, scissors is so much better!  There's only one way to settle this... a coin toss!  You thought I was gonna say rock, paper, scissors, or thumb wrestling, didn't you?


                          @Iron: Thanks!  I'm looking forward to getting to the new place and getting a chance to actually play it now! haha