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    What are the plans for the wii remote?  I say make it like Ghosts.

      I'm assuming Treyarch is monitoring this board.  If so, please consider making the wii remote control just like it does in Ghosts.


      Maybe leave this sentry gun fix, but as far as how aiming is handled, just go ahead and make it the same as Ghosts.


      Double the turn speed.


      Very smooth hipfire to ADS transition.


      And added ADS camera sensitivity setting.  Throw in any other subtle changes that I may not be aware of.


      In my opinion Ghosts has the best controls in the series.  It would be great if y'all could make Black Ops 2 just like it.   You're obviously making some changes.  Might as well make the right ones.  Please consider this.  I would definitely go back and play this game if it controlled like Ghosts.


      Edit:  Fixed a typo that was so bad I'm baffled as to how it happened.