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    OrionGC [X360 & XB1] [NA & EU] [200 members] [Game Nights and Tourneys] [3 sponsors] and a big FAMILY :D

      Hi welcome to our post, we are a big community which consists of the two xbox consoles and those are both divisions:


      Alpha: (Xbox 360) Games we play: Ghosts, Titanfall, AW


      Omega: (XB1) Ghosts, Destiny, AW, FIFA

      To join our Cod App clan it will have more strict requirements like:


      Being active at least 3 days a week.

      Participate in cod events and clan events


      Now that you know our divisions, we are based on a ranking system for members in which you need to be highly active to get a better rank and don't get kicked. We are not strict we just want order in our community. We are looking for ACTIVE people for our clan that will compromise but will also have fun and form a big family with us. We need you to be active in Clan wars, game nights and other events on the clan. If you are interested go to:


      Apply here: http://oriongc.org/rosters

      Read all info and you will be accepted in a moment

      Join our family and game on!

      Joining for our COD group will be more strict and needs high responsibility.


      PD: we dont care  much about KD but we do care about you will want to win as a group and get better as a gamer and teammate