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    NBRS Clan is Recruiting! (360)

      Hello! If you're still looking for a small competitive clan, then we may be a fit to you! There are probably a whole bunch of people that are cramming websites and advertisements about their clans/gaming communities. I'm not going to do that. Just one message, and if you reply, awesome. If not, then I hope you find a clan that fits you.


      We are called NBRS (Numbers). We are a competitive 360 clan that has two divisions with two sub-divisions. Our divisions are: Sniping & Competitive with two sub-divisions of GBs & MLG. We are a small clan under 20 members but we are on a strong path to get into MLG. We are improving daily and are all close friends. You play what you want to play but everyone is willing to play games with you. We play Hardcore & Core and do League Play; both Championships & Moshpits so you will probably find your place within a group, easily.

      Our only requirements are;

      - Age requirement: 16+

      - Have a mic (preferred not a kinect)

      We do not accept everyone or anyone, to tell the truth. We are looking for serious people that are wanting to move up in the gaming world. We enjoy every now and then to mess around and joke about with each other but when it comes down to business, we don't like to lose. Tired of bad teammates or consistently losing? Well, we can help with that. We only ask from you, new potential, is that you are mature, a good teammate, know(or learn) your call-outs and just have fun.

      If you're still interested after reading all of this or wanting to learn more;

      Comment below with your Gamertag

      (or) Send a message to GT: Boomarz


      Hope to hear from ya'll soon! c:

      Good luck!