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    Hazardous Gaming recruiting [PS3] [EU & NA] [Competitive]

      Hey guys,

      Hazardous Gaming is a new competitive clan on PS3 and XBOX360 from both Europe and North America.

      We're looking for new active recruits that know how to play the game (+1.00 k/d) and are +14 years old.

      We mainly play league play and we set up scrims against other clans when enough of us are online.

      To join the clan you'll have to make a new account (Hazardous-Name) and play at least once a week on it.

      If you're interested in joining on PS3 add Hazardous-DJ (EU) or Hazardous-Fishy (NA)

      If you're interested in joining on XBOX360 add Hazardous-Panda- (NA)


      Check out our website: www.hg-cod.weebly.com

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