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    Modding - my views.

      People have started to make 'Mod Menus' for BO2. Now, people call this 'Cheating', and, I agree with that statement. If you have a mod menu, and you go onto public match, and turn on aimbot etc., you can come off of the game with 100-0, and on a double-xp weekend (As Im typing this) there are a tonne of modders on

      Now, this is for Treyarch and David..  maybe we could make a modding gamemode? I've watched a few videos of mod menu's, and tbh, it doesn't interest me at all but, if we made a modding server, maybe we could keep the modders off of Public Matches, and give them there own little home!

      This is only my view, others may see differently, please comment responsibly.


      If you support this, please bump it if you don't please don't hate comment etc, it's just not nice Thanks for reading! Oh, and before I forget, my psn is: aprilsfriend, and I have a new sniping clan, currently recruiting

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