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    Why are you still allowing cheaters and punishing others that do not want to play with them???

      This weekend, anyone playing HC had their games ruined by a massive assault of cheaters that for some reason can still log into the their guest account and end up with their second controller on the opposite team.  They ruin games and if we say something, they attack and flash and emp you until you team kill and then you get kicked.  I have been put on probation more this weekend than the last two years combined.   What is the purpose of putting my in timeout / probation.  I paid $80 or so for this game and you are not putting the cheaters on timeout.


      I will assume for some crazy reason you do not know about these cheaters since it is still allowed.

      Here are a couple solutions to please fix this for the sake of the game.


      1. Create a lobby that is cheater free.  Call it No Cheater Lobby.  There a player cannot put on controller #2 and just shoot it over and over to ruin the game for many others and cheat and boost.  That would be best.  Since all the lobbies now are Cheaters Welcome. 

      2. If you still want to allow the cheaters to play, then maybe if a cheater is in a room and I do not want to be a part of the cheating, if I leave the game then DO NOT put me in timeout or probation.  Many of these people are little kids that should not be in this adult environment in the first place, but many are adults as well.  Just do not let cheaters ruin these games anymore.  It is a really easy fix!!!!!!!!

      3.The only other alternative to leaving the cheater ruined game is treating them like traitors.  We should get extra points for team killing traitors/cheaters/boosters as they are more dangerous than the enemy.  This would show that Activision is taking a stance against this overwhelming cheating that is going on.


      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you about a solution as soon as possible.


      - FLUIDITY