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    I shot a team mate in call of duty 2 xbox 360


      i have a question. if you kill a team mate in call of duty 2 hardcore search and destroy and they say there going to report you to xbox live. can you really get banned off of xbox for that? also can bi file complaint him for sending a voice message and crusing at me?

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          You did nothing wrong, so I doubt you will get banned. If you didnt do anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide. Remember, there are thousands upon thousands of reports filed everyday, one report wouldnt make a difference to you, especially if you dont have any reports against you already. Nothing to worry about dude. It happens all the time in Hardcore modes. Also, COD 2? I didnt know those servers were still up. Hacker city? Also, if it makes you feel any better, I'm 100% unsporting because I had a clan of squeakers report me. For the last part of your description, just leave him. Its not worth the fight.