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    I have a dream...

      I have a dream.

      I have a dream, that one day, this community shall rise above Charlie Oscar Delta and IWF.

      A community that will not think less of anyone.

      But instead of equals.


      I have a dream.

      I have a dream, that one day, Taco Tuesday will be everyday.

      And we shall get no sour cream if we ask for no sour cream.


      I have a dream.

      A dream that cannot be left unaswered.

      I dream that the little kids of the IW forums and the little kids of these here forums can come together in the MW3 forums and never be judged by the size of their e-penis.


      I have a dream that every child, every man, every woman, be it black, white, yellow, or red will have a beta code.

      I have a dream, a dream that one day, 404 will be wiped down from the opressions of the html coding, and welcome signs will shine brightly.

      That everyone will realize that no one will ever see your email.


      Who shall bask in my dream?