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    Ghillie camo for snipers!

      Some may remember this was orginally posted in Black Ops forums where many liked the idea but Treyarch never added Ghillie camos.

      So lets hope we get them in Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2.


      My weapon camo suggestion list:

      Ordinary camos:


      Desert Default

      Artic Default

      Forrest camo Default

      Digital 50 points

      Urban 100 points

      Blue Urban 250 points

      Green tiger 500 points

      Blue tiger Gained with Green tiger

      Red tiger Gained with Green tiger

      Fall (better looking than MW2) 750 points

      Silver 1000 points

      Gold 1500 points

      Gold with silver tiger stripes. 2000 points


      Camos are unlocked in MW3 by leveling up your gun so forget the points.

      But they give idea in order of their unlocking.


                            (well in the picture its just gold tiger.)



      And for snipers only:

      Ghillie to the gun. (for 1000 points)

      Ghillie would change to specific in each map of course. (Like in snow map you have snow ghillie).
      Community would love to see this.



      Ghillie weapon gallery:




      L96A1 Ghillie Main Image

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