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TopFighter replied (in response to kirkyblue) Re: Looking for alliance for wars (7 days ago)
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zack041103 rated Freezes and NO LOBBY AVALIABLE (2 hours ago)
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TehQloo replied (in response to TehQloo) Re: DIAMOND DIVISION MAX LEVEL CLAN! [RED TAG] [ACTIVE] RECRUITING ACTIVE PLA... (59 minutes ago)
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modmeister replied (in response to snakegenisys) Re: Digital game + Physical guitar? (1 week ago)
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thebiindsniper replied (in response to a-n-other) Re: I just got a stats reset for offensive emblem (18 hours ago)
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TylerCupcake rated Glitch spot Burger town (3 hours ago)
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OUHATEME replied (in response to LoudDennis) Re: Looking for good clan :) (6 hours ago)
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ChiliOPP rated Advanced warfare freezing etc (4 hours ago)
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Electivus replied (in response to Electivus) Re: vF - Valor Force (XB360 and PS3 Clan) (3 hours ago)
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JtScruffy replied (in response to rizzman) Re: My ps4 broke, so when I get a new one and I sign into my account will my ... (32 minutes ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to jimmypop_S) Re: Mein Sohn hätte gern das Spiel für das Tablet. Leider haben wir... (22 hours ago)
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modmeister replied (in response to lHlHostile) Re: Recruiting a Slayer  XB1 (1 day ago)
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Electivus replied (in response to summersdude101HD) Re: Need Very Skilled Players (PSN) (3 hours ago)
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iHattoriHanzo0 replied (in response to gramthenOOb) Re: Should there be an Elite MAHEM variant that... (7 minutes ago)
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modmeister replied (in response to rudygonegamer) Re: clan needed (23 hours ago)
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