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Lemkew replied (in response to JtScruffy) Re: Freezes and NO LOBBY AVALIABLE (2 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to boombokilla) Re: Supremacy - DLC 3 (6 hours ago)
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contrived started the discussion low loot at cc9? (20 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to Godagun) Re: looking to play with ppl on xbox one (4 hours ago)
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UCD_280042072395BNMCVhPBqDXWbe replied (in response to UCD_280042072395BNMCVhPBqDXWbe) Re: Xbox1 Clan Recruiting (PLATINUM DIVISON)( MIC REQUIRED) 18+ (12 minutes ago)
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ajfosterlopez rated Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen's Odyssey (1 week ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to jimmypop_S) Re: Mein Sohn hätte gern das Spiel für das Tablet. Leider haben wir... (9 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz moved While playing Black ops 2 I got a message for a permanent ban and don't know why (4 hours ago)
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jahMoon replied (in response to Im_Old_School) Re: The Pull of Duty (48 minutes ago)
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ThirdSense created Clan recruitment (5 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to codeaholic) Re: Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked! (5 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to GreenAlienGH) Re: Guitar Hero GHLive & GHTV Official Setlist (Updated 17/05) (5 days ago)
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XEKUTER_50 rated i think quick sniping should not be allowed its unfair cause the dont even ha... (4 hours ago)
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Jimmer032 replied (in response to Izjar11) Re: Why? (55 minutes ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to TMinus0) Re: Why can't I use AE4 or OHM Weapons? (6 hours ago)
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thebiindsniper replied (in response to a-n-other) Re: I just got a stats reset for offensive emblem (5 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to UCD_279911487451DlRbajDnkjqsnO) Re: Is it legal to change basw during the war? (2 hours ago)
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