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TheGiantAlien started the discussion Looking For Xbox 1 Chilled Clan (16 minutes ago)
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arfawqtrf started the discussion 오늘야구픽↔↔♨♨ExP900.COM♨♨↔↔프로야구픽 한야배팅 (19 minutes ago)
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UCD_279911630171ARpFkJGQFCKxuI replied (in response to GeminiKingdom) Re: When is psn gonna have advanced supply drops? (9 hours ago)
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ThatKidGucci started the discussion I Got Banned When I Wasnt Even Modding (2 hours ago)
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PgM_TiGeRs replied (in response to baptiste38) Re: comment ajouter quelqu'un (5 days ago)
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ykuo3641 started the discussion 라이브카지노스코어★★★★め라이브카지노스코어 (16 hours ago)
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UCD_2820220821guRKRqoPpQHtsiJsPkPT replied (in response to UCD_2820220821guRKRqoPpQHtsiJsPkPT) Re: need clan members (1 hour ago)
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Hongkongnt asked My iPad 3 is iso8.2 ,but now the game show " this device is not supporte... (1 hour ago)
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Cdavilajay started the discussion Supply Drops (3 hours ago)

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Soul_Born_Sin started the discussion Does infinityward even care about ghosts anymore? (11 hours ago)
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daddyo4363 rated Paul Walker tribute (5 days ago)
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XtremeChaos187 replied (in response to DozerSoldier) Re: Latest PS4 Patch - Lag Comp (7 minutes ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to LupoSanguinante) Re: bug: unlocked knight's veteran helmets. used them. and now they appear as... (1 week ago)
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falaqfardin replied (in response to gotsomestars) Re: Sledgehammer rip off (30 minutes ago)