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r2zamith_2 replied (in response to r2zamith) Re: I have the season pass, but AE4 still not avaliable for me (11 minutes ago)
SpaceHigh Moon Studios - 4 Sub-spacesehdns started the discussion ʕ•͜ ͢ ͞ •ʔ청주휴게텔”“69OP8닷컴”சி 69OP சி  평택휴게텔... (15 minutes ago)
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bjoy replied (in response to bjoy) Re: ps4 clan (Unstoppable!) Diamond division clan wars (7 minutes ago)
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Bullwing started the discussion Im getting kicked from XBOX ONE servers all day although im using an ethert c... (33 minutes ago)
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XtremeChaos187 replied (in response to deamonomic) Re: My research on how the game sets up a match. (1 minute ago)
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Joviele replied (in response to Hardext) Re: Problem with dlc Havoc (28 minutes ago)
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frisian-viking rated Clanwars (1 hour ago)
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clementios started the discussion looking for people to join clan cod aw xbox 360 (49 minutes ago)
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hammer143 replied (in response to whots_his_face) Re: EXO-Zombies...Easter Egg Music? (6 minutes ago)
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Slerba-Veijo replied (in response to YoungSin) Re: My favourite and least favourite guns so far... what are yours? (19 minutes ago)
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Kazumi3119 rated Looking to join a clan ( i'm an editor ) (5 hours ago)
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ruscol asked bought skylander trap team start pack and every time we get to dream catcher ... (2 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to Blood_Nemesis) Re: Exo-Zombies still dont work (1 hour ago)
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Xxmjt96xX started the discussion NRG* PS3 MW3 CLAN (2 hours ago)
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kiddlinka asked Physical medium (3 hours ago)
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Rockstarstuu asked Why can't I get the trained up achievement? (3 hours ago)
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Doctorpsylus replied (in response to Fulton_MO) Re: Looking for people to play with (2 hours ago)

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Ryuma85 asked Season pass not working (3 hours ago)