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gotsomestars replied (in response to squirrelness) Re: BO3 BETA Final Analysis Pro's Con's Neutral's. Can you provide your exper... (2 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to Tribal0) Re: Issues Redeeming Ghosts Bonus Digital Content (3 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to x3QuiiT) Re: Black Ops 2 Low FPS! (2 days ago)
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Beccaday replied (in response to Beccaday) Re: Banned (9 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to john10100) Re: ps3 clan join me!! sniper clan (4 hours ago)
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iRedNumberNine started the discussion My clan disappeared (15 hours ago)
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FalconR6 replied (in response to assafnroses) Re: Some different genre and artist you would like to see? (1 day ago)
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Q39ESM replied (in response to scottwayne) Re: What time does last dlc ready for download (17 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz moved Will multiple monitor split screen support different resolutions. (20 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to BOSNAFUTBOL11) Re: MW3 Stats reset by hacker (2 weeks ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to awsomeow135) Re: Hey does anyone want to join my cod ghost clan NEWB TEWB? There are no re... (3 days ago)
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Activision Support moved My call of duty black ops zombie app stays stuck on ad (23 hours ago)

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Darinski replied (in response to Darinski) Re: how many votes are needed on an idea before it is taken seriously? (6 hours ago)
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N1123 replied (in response to BENNYSOUTHWOOD) Re: Call of Duty Heroes - Will Bot Load Account (Base Lvl.8) (4 days ago)
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Angle_theta asked Active cc8 11k+ rep looking for top alliance (2 days ago)
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FalconR6 replied (in response to Unreal_Warfare) Re: UK player looking for PS4 clan (11 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to IFLAMEZI) Re: Zombie skin and exo-suit (30 minutes ago)