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GreatBriten asked can u create a clan on here mark (13 hours ago)
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UCD_281771322544vPJvNVUNOmtGUpp asked call of duty heroes windows 8.1 .i lost all my progress. Any one know how to ... (14 hours ago)

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streetspeed3r started the discussion Hardcore: Players killing themself or destroying team kill streaks (15 hours ago)
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christopher007 asked Right analog stick not working. (15 hours ago)
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Kimberly4502 replied (in response to TheAsianXD) Re: Looking for a clan to join. (16 hours ago)
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SirAlvinTaco started the discussion 3 Percenters is recruiting (20 hours ago)
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UCD_281483475482hYYEIsNdOvuSE asked connection eror (20 hours ago)
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Javerlin replied (in response to AxelSpoonz) Re: Cannot connect to online services PC Modern Warfare Three (16 hours ago)
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Macjoe replied (in response to pricerock) Re: Lack of Gold and Oil Resources (8 hours ago)
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VAPE_AFICIONADO commented Looking for active PS3 ranked clan (22 hours ago)
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whots_his_face replied (in response to boybad) Re: Just want to play with people who want to have fun (2 hours ago)
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ConfusedChicken replied (in response to Soccer_Man_14) Re: Hey who has gutiar hero 3 (6 days ago)
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daddyo4363 rated Paul Walker tribute (1 week ago)
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UCD_281771322544vPJvNVUNOmtGUpp replied (in response to DragonSlacker) Re: Issues with latest Call of Duty Heroes Update - Windows 8.1 (14 hours ago)
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Shafi36 started the discussion Looking for mw3 sniping clan (1 day ago)
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daddyo4363 asked How do I get Skyfall for 007 legends (1 week ago)