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ajfosterlopez rated I bough a bag full of diamonts through my credit card, but it didn't appear i... (1 week ago)

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spudchucker22 replied (in response to Brian25savannah) Re: Point of contact solo hardcore (7 minutes ago)


jcostanzo277 replied (in response to jayplz) Re: xbox1 need a non-camping clan. who needs a good player? (1 day ago)
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LILBA replied (in response to LILBA) Re: Looking for people to join clan (19 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to AxelSpoonz) Re: Can Skylanders Swap Force 3ds Portal be Used for Giants 3ds Game? (16 hours ago)
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AxelSpoonz moved plz add psn Ricz99 if looking ranked or gb player (21 hours ago)

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JtScruffy replied (in response to FATBLASTER) Re: Server not available (2 days ago)
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JosinJJ replied (in response to JosinJJ) Re: Game stuck I load screen (started today) (2 days ago)
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OUHATEME replied (in response to deatherage_can) Re: PS4 Clan Rebuilding. Almost MAX LEVEL (23 hours ago)
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gotsomestars replied (in response to UCD_279802300379DuSREqIcjaNbgQlu) Re: Lack of available multiplayer games xbox 360 (10 hours ago)
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ajfosterlopez rated Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen's Odyssey (1 week ago)
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modmeister replied (in response to R17ZLE) Re: infection easter egg help ps4. (1 day ago)
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southsideswanga replied (in response to UnitedKingdom12345) Re: Launcher camo chalenge issues (21 hours ago)
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modmeister replied (in response to riverwarrior) Re: Hi I'm trying to get a game manual but I go to the game manuals and my ga... (2 days ago)
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