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OUHATEME asked Should certain posts come with theme music? (2 days ago)
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xxCurtDeStRoYzz created looking for ranked players to play with on ps4 (2 days ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to OGHuxtable) Re: I need confirmation that MY Beta code worked and I'm in the BO3 Beta. (1 day ago)
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boybad replied (in response to Ares_Actual) Re: Exo Zombies 2nd Easter egg theory (16 hours ago)
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Medicinore replied (in response to MERCUCIOOOO) Re: 1.8.1 UPDATE does not load from the windows store on Windows 10 !!! (2 days ago)
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Saraya26 created GH Tv Closed party Multiplayer/online option. (2 days ago)
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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to Crimzon_Prophet) Re: [XBONE] [USA] Join Project Caliber today! (2 days ago)
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Provithian88 replied (in response to DerAlucard212) Re: Clans? (12 hours ago)
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tracy replied (in response to matuzz) Re: ***Official Monumental POINTS Thread*** (18 hours ago)
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BrainDead6666 rated Commander classified (14 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to Infastructure) Re: Looking For A Veteran Spec Ops Player (16 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to xowonderful) Re: No celerium?!?! (2 days ago)