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TopFighter replied (in response to Infastructure) Re: Looking For A Veteran Spec Ops Player (2 days ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to xowonderful) Re: No celerium?!?! (3 days ago)
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beuwolf78 replied (in response to xBUSTINxOUTx) Re: What is with all the freezing/crashing? (2 weeks ago)
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Activision Support replied (in response to phatmaddness909) Re: Character not detected (1 day ago)

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AxelSpoonz replied (in response to sleevens) Re: Can you guys please put the smash hits gh tunes server back online? (19 hours ago)
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Ballislife13-_-13 rated Call Of Duty: Elite Custom Classes (5 days ago)
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kwama rated Try to improve clans for BO3 (3 days ago)
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FalconR6 replied (in response to chad111) Re: Elite King & The Riot Shield Throne (21 hours ago)
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Activision Support replied (in response to eckaufmanniii) Re: Internet Connection (16 hours ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to MeliBizu1) Re: Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock for Wii (1 week ago)
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TopFighter replied (in response to SaintedBasher1) Re: ANYONE WANT TO PLAY WARRIORS OF ROCK ON WII? (2 days ago)
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