This poll ended on Jul 10, 2012.

PC Leaderboards update

We want to fix up the leaderboards but as you may have noticed they are filled to the brim with hacked stats. We have a few options and decided we'd like to get your feedback on which you would prefer.


1. Only view friends - this will get rid of global leaderboards and only allow you to view players on your friends list. It would initially show your world ranking but we would most likely release a patch that changes the rankings so you only see your rank amongst friends.


2. Reset LBs - Exactly how it sounds, everything will be erased. Your stats will reupload to the Score/Wins/Kills/Accuracy LBs once you play a match but the Game Mode specific LBs will restart the stats.


3. Reset everything - Reset every PC players stats and LBs to 0.


4. Keep it how it is.


Looking forward to your feedback.


EDIT: Removed the reset everything action as many had voiced they're against it.

Poll Results
  • Only view friends stats (14%)
  • Full reset of all leaderboards (62%)
  • Herp derp idgaf (24%)


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