Who's the better Domination player?

Player A)


Player A is a hardcore, in your face non stop player. He's always on the front line fighting over any flag that's not in his teams possession. Deaths mean nothing to him, kills mean nothing to him, capturing flags means everything. He'll shoot when he needs to but priority #1 is securing the flags not resting until all are captured. At the end of the game he usually averages around 10 captures and 20-30 deaths. He does the dirty work and gets the job done, no matter how ugly his stats my look.


Player B)


Knowing where his strengths lay, Player B doesn't venture beyond occupied territory. He patiently waits by controlled flags killing the enemy players looking to flank his team. He provides support from afar with cover fire using great vantage points to control the map. He averages only a few caps a game but ensures that his team never loses a flag. He rarely dies allowing him to always be there for his team and protecting spawns.

Poll Results
  • Player A (23%)
  • Player B (10%)
  • Neither is better than the other. Domination is a game of roles and all roles need to be appreciated individually (67%)


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