Moving Up to Diamond Division

after putting in quite a few hours this CW i find my clan currently in 2nd but it's safe to say that is where we will finish.  i'm ok with that knowing the level of my clan and seeing the stats of the clan in 1st place.  they certainly deserve to be there.  but i wanted to kick around an idea because in my opinion, i don't believe we were evenly matched up against clans of our caliber.  we only have 2 of our 8 clan members above 1.0 kdr when 7/7 on the other team... now that the war has started, make that 10/10 (as they have added more players) of the first place team all being above 1.5 and 3 above 2.0 kdr.


in my opinion, again, this is an opinion and i'm not looking for hate messages, so please don't leave any.  but if a clan gets 4 wins in platinum, my thoughts are there are no more unlocks for them, they should be moved on up to the diamond division.  i know, it's harsh, but i also never asked to be in platinum.  at our skill level, i've asked to be in gold but that doesn't happen.  what are your thoughts?

Poll Results
  • With 4 wins, move the clan to Diamond Division. (62%)
  • Do no force the team to Diamond Division after 4 wins. (38%)


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