Are we, as a community, too selfish?

Millions play Call of Duty and it seems, at least on this forum which only represents a small part of the community, that there's a popular consensus that CoD should specifically meet their criteria.


This isn't an uncommon opinion. It's like this everywhere you go but the problem is that CoD is hugely popular and there's a vast range in opinions. Some think the game isn't fast paced enough, other thinks it's too fast. Most players feel that every gun is too powerful except the one they use. At the end of the day there are million different opinions given off by a million different players.


What is a developer to do?


You can't please everyone but since there's so much hate towards everything they have to make some changes to try and keep the peace, but with every change that's made there's a new group of players that rise up out of that patch complaining.


We then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of displeasure. Again, this is normal with just about every game. What isn't normal though is that, for the most past THIS GAME FUNCTIONS VERY, VERY WELL. It's not like Skyrim or any other Bethesda game which is riddled with game breaking issues like crashes, freezes, and glitches. It's not like Battlefield or GTA V which could barely host an online game. Ghosts plays as it was intended to play so why are players complaining about it?

Poll Results
  • Strongly agree with the above (far too much complaining) (46%)
  • Agree with the above (complaining can be annoying) (17%)
  • Neutral (no opinion (11%)
  • Disagree with the above (complaints keep Activision honest in their decision making) (11%)
  • Strongly disagree with the above (there's not enough complaining about this flawed game) (14%)


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