win/loose problems

whats going on with this game? why so many problems!!! Its really disappointing!! on my other account I play an entire day free for all next morning I wanted to play everything was unlock and I was prestige 10th level 60!! same day in the afternoon boom it was banned!! ok so I create another account! started playing with my team!! and everything was good!! until I started getting looses!! out of nowhere!! OUT OF NOWHERE!!!  I can not play the game anymore!! because I want to keep a positive kd and a positive win/lose ratio!! but I cant!! because I keep on getting those stupid looses!! but here is the tricky part!! I don't loose my win streak!!! and on the win leaderboard all time will show my stats with my wins and my fake looses!! but when I click on win leaderboard weekly stats! that's when I can tell my wins and my looses the way their suppose to be! just that now those looses that should be wins! are gone! its crazy and confusing but if any body from activision can  review my case please do!!!! and send me a message!!!!  thanks!!!

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