Blast Shield. Fix it.

Lately, I've been using blast shield on all my important classes. For some reason, even non DC explosives can STILL 1hitkill me! If explosives can still kill me even when I have blast shield, then blast shield is unreliable and is just a gamble if you use it!

Then there's DC, which negates blast shield. I think I should have SOME guaranteed survival (at full health). This perk needs to be fixed, because it doesn't do its job half the time. This is really annoying because DC has no counter, unless you have a trophy everywhere you go.


Call me a whiny baby, whatever, but this perk needs changing.

Poll Results
  • Buff it in my favor (somewhat counter DC and never get killed by blasts at full health) (26%)
  • Leave it as is (70%)
  • Other (4%)


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