Ground War Poll.

Pardon my noobness but going to try anyway. joe Cecot was nice enough to answer my tweet about adding maps to ground war, in which there are no plans to add maps.


IMO many people bought next gen specifically for 9v9 ground war. I know I was most looking forward to it.


Specifically I think Freight and War Hawk need to be in there as well as Tremor. Kill Confirmed would be great.


So I am starting this in hopes people will vote and comment and maybe IW would reconsider. Thanks.

Poll Results
  • Ground War needs Freight, WarHawk and Tremor added. (53%)
  • Ground war needs Frieght, Warhawk, Tremor as maps and Kill Confirmed. (41%)
  • Ground War is just fine and I love playing the same few maps. :P (6%)


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