Would you want an official Michael Myers gametype?

Here's how the official gametype will be.  This will most likely require the map pack, so if you don't have it, the gametype is unavailable.


Here's what happens:


1. All players have a pre-set class with speed perks, dead silence, and no weapon.


2. The match is a modified FFA where players cannot harm each other (except Michael Myers).


3. A timer counts down at the beginning of the match.  When the timer reaches zero, a random player is selected as Michael Myers and spawns away from the survivors (similar to MW3's Juggernaut mode).


4. The points given are determined based on who survives the longest and how quickly Michael Myers can find and kill the victims.  If the timer runs out, the victims win.


5. The map rotation could take place in Fog for the most part, but if it's possible, Infinity Ward could modify Michael Myers to be available in other maps (including the disc based maps).


Any other changes can be made if players demand them enough.  What do you think?



Poll Results
  • Yes (49%)
  • No (51%)


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