Shotguns vs Dogs

It seems to me like shotguns are almost useless against dogs. The bulldog and MTS stand a chance but the FP6 and Tac12 are just about hopeless. You have to put multiple shots into them and they just don't shoot fast enough. By the time the dog is close enough to shoot, you could pretty much consider yourself dead. I think at least the pump shotguns should deal more damage to dogs.


Do you think the shotguns should deal more damage to dogs? Choice 1 and 2 are for shotgun users only, please. Be honest!

Poll Results
  • Yes. Shotguns should deal more damage to dogs. (46%)
  • No. I don't see a problem. (38%)
  • I don't use shotguns so it doesn't matter to me. (12%)
  • No. I don't use shotguns but I don't want my dog to by killed. (4%)


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