Which Co-OP mode is the best?

So me and a friend got into a little debate over if Extinction is superior to Zombies.


I believed yes Extinction is better because it's a lot more team based, has back story that is interesting and actually makes M, has more variety in enemies, different play styles, scavenging, skill points, and customization. I also personally thought that Point of Contact and Nightfall were more fun then Black Ops's 2 zombie maps.


My friend argued zombies was more fun because since zombie mode was more mindless running-and-gunning in nature, it was more fun to sit back and relax then to constantly cooperate with your team. He also argued that Zombies has cool things like better special weapons (I personally didn't agree with this), the mystery box, in-game perks, pack-a-punch, buying doors instead of planting the drill, more memorable characters, and different game modes,


Do you agree with me that Extinction is better, or do you believe zombies was more fun? Do you think MW2/3 spec ops mode was the best, or do you not like any co-OP modes in general?

Poll Results
  • Extinction is better (77%)
  • Zombies are better (23%)
  • Modern Warfare 2/3 Spec Ops was better (0%)
  • I don't like co-OP modes (0%)


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