Buffing Incog

I've deleted the poll about nerfing the Thermal Scope. Not because I don't stand by it, but I'd like to focus the attention towards what I was really trying to say.


The Thermal sight is here to stay, I'm well aware and accepting of that. It has a purpose in this game and that can't be disputed. However, the counter for the Thermal sight is not much of a counter. As many pointed out it's expensive for as important and needed as it's becoming. 3 points for a perk that counters two sights that cost nothing to use.


Also, even with Incog the wearer is still incredibly visible. As someone said in the comments of the old thread, "the fidelity of the black and white still shows the player wearing Incog very well". He further went on to suggest adding noise to the scope to better hide the wearer. A player without Incog will still be very visible but players with it will not.

Poll Results
  • Buff Incog by lowering it's point value (25%)
  • Buff Incog by giving the Thermal noise or lowering it's resolution to better hide the wearer (10%)
  • Buff Incog by doing both (18%)
  • Incog and the Thermal are fine as is (47%)
  • I don't encounter the Thermal enough to vote (0%)


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