Please Read! Issues and nerfing! Vote if you agree!

I've played the COD series since COD 4 and feel the best out of the series was the first black ops for several reasons. 1 - Drop Shots - completely eliminated because there was diving and a second longer just to prone. Awesome! so why is it back? It's a cowards way out. 2 - Smooth Gameplay - Over the years I've noticed Infinity Ward is notorious for what i like to call "Dumb Stops" and what i mean when i say that is, when running, the smallest thing in the environment stops you dead in your tracks and in MW2 i remember specifically - Favela and Skidrow (all maps had the issue) - skidrow has boxes in the middle of the alleys, not on the side, that would knock your sights off if in full ads in mid combat or prevent you from maneuvering correctly out of harms way..annoying as all hell!! And when equipped with Agility some of these things would launch you in the air or off the track you were running to get your run and gun on... Things like door jams kept you from running into a room, ive killed several guys running into the door jam just stationary in full sprint caught on door jams or something on the floor or the side of the hill in which there is no "a" to jump.. just disgusting environments.. you just cant successfully get max potential out of perks like STALKER when the environment acts like a velcro strip and your wearing the male end velcro suit.. full ADS being swift to avoid multiple enemies but take one of them out while strafing across a narrow alley from one door to the next! IMPOSSIBLE!! and its back in the GHOST! TREMOR across the bridge thing going into the room with a huge hole in the wall that allows a view up on the roof or in to the room across the way! THERES IS A DOOR ON THE GROUND THAT WILL STOP YOU COLD IN YOUR TRACKS!! yuck~~ so IN ALL.. there are a few pointers beside the notorious DUMB STOPS that Infinity Ward has provided us with in this game that i would like to point out to somewhat dull the notice of such DUMB STOPS because for some reason a multi-million dollar company can't seem to fix that issue yet Treyarch never had the issue... hmm.. wierd... just saying.. NERFING!!!



First on the list is the ever so fictitious HONEY BADGER ASSAULT!


IDK about you guys but i have come across soo many incidents where i have been ONE shotted with this gun and have turned around to see the kill cam provides in full detail that he unloaded half a clip in me in a split second! Seriously?! How fun is this? This gun classes with the MP5 and it is a submachine gun!! i could go on and on about the real honey badger and this fictitious crap they call the honey badger in the actual game!.. if your going to make it a assualt with that kind of overpowering damage and fire rate? add some massive recoil or nerf the power down around to and should be weaker than the FAD!! Done and done with that gun!


SECOND on the list is this GODLY NO RECOIL - M27-IAR!


Everyone loves this gun and i would too if i used it BUT lets get real..

This gun is packing some serious heat to have virtually and absolutely NO RECOIL!!!

It defies logic to snipe with this gun across STONEHAVEN with a thermal sight and foregrip and rapid fire!! and have no recoil!! DISGUSTING!! How is it the Marksman Rifle version of this has massive recoil on a SEMI AUTO setting yet the fully AUTOMATIC LIGHT MACHINE GUN has almost absolutely none.. First bullet out of the Marksman version is on point but as soon as you go spastic and shoot quick with it the gun jumps all over the place!! NERF THIS GUN OR ADD MASSIVE RECOIL!! The AMELI is a 5.56 round or so its stated on the side of the gun and it kicks like a mule!! with all the same setup as the M27! Geez, who let this one slip through!?

These are the only 2 right now that really really need the tuning done immediately!


Killstreak killers are what they are and your server issues are not making it any better at all...


which brings me to my next valid point!


You claim to recycle servers and have listeners and so on and so forth..

I play with an Aussie and we can usually have a good game here and there and then within a blink of an eye... It all goes bad... no hit markers, nothing and ill be standing right beside him and he will unload with the GODLY m27 and people will not drop... thats just bad server issues guys... MW2 was real good but i think Treyarch landed the EAGLE with B-OPS 1.. I have a QUESTION..


If you are recycling servers and these servers were suited for games with less detail prior to a game like this wouldnt the servers then be obsolete because they could not handle the bandwidth which is needed to send so much more detailed data through? Sounds like the servers you are recycling are just not fast enough for a bigger game with bigger maps and far more detail... DEDICATED SERVERS PLEASE!! stop beating around the bush on us.. drop the garbage and bring in what your customers deserve for being so loyal through the bad and for the good... I know you all feel EA breathing down your necks.. lets go guys! bring the game back to its once fine glory!



**If there is any gun i missed that is a DIRE insult to online play and needs nerfing then please reply**

Poll Results
  • Nerfing of the Honey Badger Assualt ( Reduce Damage and/or Increased recoil ) (17%)
  • Nerfing of the M27-IAR (Increased Recoil and maybe Reduced Fire Rate) (61%)
  • Nerf BOTH the HONEY BADGER ASSAULT and M27-IAR (22%)


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