It's time to make Free Fall available to all

So, Free Fall is a present available to those who pre-ordered or have purchased the Season Pass. This is a nice incentive reminiscent of BO2 Nukedown. I expect at some stage, just like Nuketown, Free Fall will be made available to all. I both pre-orederd and have the Season Pass, so this proposition does not affect me.

Nevertheless, I'd rather see everyone have access to the map. Benefits of reducing any fracturing of player base, making those who don't have it already feel better, and the possibility of releasing the map into general rotation. I don't know if Free Fall has the same amount of love compared to Nuketown.

So what are your thoughts

Poll Results
  • No, Free Fall should remain as a moshpit for those who pre-ordered / Season Pass (24%)
  • Yes, let everyone have it. But keep it in its own playlist / Private mode (0%)
  • Yes, Free Fall for everyone and integrate the map into general rotation. (76%)


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