Small Change to Blitz

I've really started to like blitz as I was a huge fan of CTF and since that is gone... this is the only close thing to it, but I do think is needs a small change to play better in my opinion. I understand blitz is made to be a fast game, but I do think it could benefit from a spawn delay.

It gets really annoying to kill a guy around the corner from the goal only to have him spawn behind, and put  a couple shots in my back to kill me off the goal.

I'd like to see a spawn delay like in  Clan v Clan 5 second delay. I don't think it would effect the game mode at all, in Clan v Clan it still has a good flow of action, and that is with 4v4, so I can't see it effecting a 6v6 game of blitz at all.

Poll Results
  • Spawn Delay (59%)
  • No spawn delay (41%)


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