Best Strike Package Option for Nightfall?

So what's the best Strike Package choice for nightfall and why?

In POC, the sentry gun is hands down the best option. In nightfall, I don't find myself using the strike package much and I don't feel it plays much of a role in the outcome of a game. Don't get me wrong, these things do have their benefits, but their cost don't make them worthwhile when you consider other things you can use with your money and skill points.


I'm leaning toward IMS for nightfall for drill protection, but it seems like the aliens that trigger the explosives usually die before the explosive detonate, thinking it's good for rhino's in those rare cases. I like the vulture for the turret challenge, but the run time seems so short even when it's upgraded. Sentry gun is good when you have 2, but that's costly.

Poll Results
  • IMS (23%)
  • Mortor strike (3%)
  • Trinity Rocket (0%)
  • Sentry Gun (43%)
  • Vulture (30%)


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