A More Dynamic Game

Yes, I know.  We are very limitted in how we play COD.  People would start glitching, exploiting, and using anything in a cheating manner their power to gain the upper hand.

But incorporating random items in how we combat each other.


We run out of tacts, we run out of lethals, bullets.  We can use scavenger to pick up the tacs or lethals; maybe their isnt a pack or extra gun laying around when you need it most.


Well why cant I use that random box in the corner to throw at you, pick up a stick in Prison Break and bash you with it, roll some boulders off the a hill in Overlord, pick-up random rocks and throw them at people to make them drop their gun.


I want to do those things, besides making us not be limited and rush people when we have nothing left.  (Of course we could sit in a corner and wait for someone to pass and knife them, but we are really impatient and the time is ticking).


Besides that, the pure comical factor in using random items would having me come back for days to make people rage.  Trolling Youtube videos would be thrown into a spotlight.


Just make it happen this happen with future installments, I am beginning to lose my interest in the game.

Poll Results
  • This Is Pure Concentrated Genius! (31%)
  • I like the monotomy of the game, keep doing what you do. (12%)
  • Man, Just Stop Creating Polls And Ideas Because We Will Never Like Any Of Your Ideas. (56%)


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