Connection Of The Past, Better Than The Future

So, one guy practically had GOD Mode when he was host.  Yeah, this 1 person was hardest to kill but nobody really complained, they accepted.


Well, i cant say anyone complained because I wasnt around on the forums in the past.  But I did not see multiple youtube videos RAGING on lag since BO1.


My point is, I want the connection of that past back.  Why?  Because, "everyone" (assuming they had the money/didnt care to spend the extra money) was striving for the fastest and best connection to get that good game.


Now, everyone is degrading their connection.  Running Torrents/Youtube/Netflix and messing with their connection MTU/Nat Type, make them seem they have somekind of advantage.  This in return creates lag spikes throughout the game and inflicts incredible RAGE for the Host.


Poll Results
  • Yes, Bring Back That Network Code (60%)
  • No, It Has Gotten A Lot Better And They Will Get It Right (0%)
  • Other...Please Explain.  (Type Other - Then Comment So I Can Read Through Your Position (40%)


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