Core VS Hardcore

Core has a huge community, as well as Hardcore. They're not exactly split down the middle in popularity, but they both have solid clans and dedicated players.


What do you prefer? and why?


Do you also think that Hardcore should be on a competitive level just as Core is? Meaning, World Championships for CoD:HC playstyle.


The CoD Champions and other competitions alike are all favor of Core, why do you think that is and if you had the chance would you allow or even want to play in a CoD World Wide Championship Hardcore?


the reason behind the poll is to just grasp how our community works together, or alone. and how we think and why. our guns, perks, kill streaks, all are part of how we want to play the game, but why we choose what we do also is effected by what play style we choose, may that be core or hardcore, i don't know, you decide.

Poll Results
  • Core Mode (53%)
  • Hardcore Mode (47%)


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