Who has problems after 3/4/14 update?

After 3/4/14 update I am not able to connect to dedicated server, my NAT become moderate only on Ghost (instead is open on Xbox One), I get matched with USA players even if I am in Europe. The game now is really unplayable and full of host migrations. Before the update everything was ok, and i didn't see any host migrations.   I checked my connection, all ports of my router, etc. and everything is ok from my side.

I read that a lot of people has the same issues, but IW and Activision deny that the update create any issue. So I decide to make a poll about it to verify how many players are suffering of NAT/dedicated servers issues.


Thanks in advance

Poll Results
  • Yes, I have problems with NAT (moderate only on Ghosts), or dedicated servers or matchmaking (41%)
  • Yes, i have other problems (specify) (35%)
  • No i don't have problems after the update, everything is ok (24%)


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