• Paint jobs should carry over to all your guns, instead of having to make a new one for each weapon.

    Paint jobs are cool, although I am a little put off by the fact it seems to only be the housing of the gun, I assumed it would've been all of it, like your magazines, the stock and even the barrel length or scope casi...
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • can someone help me get my celerium i purchased

    I purchased the large celirium pack for 9.99 and I didnt receive it plz help me
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  • Looking For A PS4 AW/BO3 Clan.

    Hi my nickname is ZiaZ0, most of you probably wont understand what or how to pronounce that. But I have recently decided to look for a clan to be involved with. But I don't want to join a clan that is strict and will ...
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  • What happened to Codeaholics ranking system defined thread?

    I have not been on the forum for a while and can not see the thread in posts from the last two weeks.  Was it deleted?  I have a feeling that if it is gone it is because moderators were told to do so because...
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  • Ante up needs a buff (hardline was better)

    nnobody will use this perk. Just a little score in the beginning? So useless. Nobody is gonna use Ante up. Please make it similar to hardline giving extra score per kill and objective play!
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  • survival mode checkpoint shouldn't use base integrity

    3 votes
    Survival Mode checkpoints should be based on something other than base integrity. Otherwise it discourages people from adding non-defensive buildings, because every one makes it harder to maintain the 75% threshold. &...
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  • Anyone else not able to play Safeguard?

    I keep seeing people talking about the Safeguard game mode but i have to say that the entire time that I played this Beta, I have not ONCE had Safeguard as an available game mode for me to play.   All I had was:...
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  • BLACK HATS are an issue.

    Okay hear me out,   Here am i, trying hard, wanting to get score streaks, Im with my friend, we are stomping this lobby hard. Im so close to my streaks and i get my HATR streak to dominate the game even more. 10...
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  • What use is a 12h League Shield?

    My 'improved and upgraded' Helipad has just presented me with a bucket of oil and a 12h League Shield. TWELVE HOURS??   Does this mean if I do not PVP for 12h after my last league reward and then apply my 12h sh...
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  • I think the campaign will help me with multiplayer .

    For me I know it's just the beta and with it I can tell I need to practice shooting and aiming while wall running. I think I lost every gun fight when encountering someone else on a wall the same time as me. I expect ...
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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  • Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked!

    (Note: If you have questions or help ranking up, please post them on the Youtube video as I will be deleting my profile shortly)   There exists 1000's of these threads already.  None of them definitely tell...
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  • As expected

    AS expected COD FRANCHISE always improves their gameplay instead of thinking about other players who are far away from other contenients. Game should be for everyone not for only Americians etc. THey always get good p...
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  • Lag

    crippling lag on ps4 servers? Just won two games from the other team forfeiting in the beginning of the match 11 to 14 them. Just wondering if anyone else is having these lag issues. My net/ping are perfectly normal
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  • After 30th August?

    Can I still be able to play Black Ops 3 beta after 30th August? I just found that PC Beta is free on Steam. I'm downloading it RIGHT NOW. Damn it - I hope I'm not too late.   Help.
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  • 1st Time Advanced Warfare buyer who is Angry!!!

    I just bought Advanced Warfare for the first time today. i Also bought the new Reckoning DLC pack as well to play the new Exo Zombies Map. I downloaded ALL 6 Compatibility Packs as well as installed the 2 game compati...
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  • Xbox one rep gone from good, to lousy in 24 hours without reason...

    Does anyone know how long it takes for Activision to update a player's reputation?  3 weeks ago I had a meltdown on AW, and was hit with a communications suspension which I totally deserved.  On Friday, I ha...
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  • small problems, possible fixes?

    pc is more than capable but i have had manny frame rate drops and game crashes(game freezes, task manager says not responding).   also i would like to put in a request to better fix the spawn points. constant spa...
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  • Descent easter egg problem

    The jump puzzle on descent easter egg, the last one is imposible, does anyone know how to do it. I saw it on youtube, but i cant get it to work. Does anyone know how to do it. I can do all 7 but last one is imposible,...
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