• WolfX (PS4) (NA) (18+)

    READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME So now that I have you attention let me tell you about my clan. We have been around since MW2 and I've personally been playing since Modern Warfare. We play to win and like to jo...
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  • Maybe the worst cod I've played yet and here is why...

    Hello friends   I'm only lv 25 or something but I already got a lot of problems with the multiplayer.   I can see that all those 360° quickscope running around holding that long **** in your face wil...
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  • Sound whoring - Sorry, but you suck

    Sound whoring is referring to the players who use dead silence and awareness perks, allowing them to hear enemies coming from ridiculous distances. Like the title says, if you do this, you suck. You're essentially say...
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    what i did is put my xbox one on wireless and it put the NAT in moderate and the game is too moderate i got into games faster and i didint lag as much i know it sounds crazy i have good internet 100,up 12,dn but it se...
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  • Looking To Make An Xbox One Zombie Team

    If interested in being on a zombie team that plays everyday together then feel free to drop your Xbox One gamertag in the discussion.
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  • Are people seriously STILL complaining about this game?

    I just don't get it. There are so many people on this forum that are being such babies when it comes to the game. It's like they actually can't accept that maybe their skill level is what's affecting them online.... a...
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  • sent in defective game for replacement, never received response or replacement

    Just like the title says....now I can't seem to even find a direct email address for Activision so that I can pursue my issue directly.  Anyone know how to contact their customer service division?  I was thi...
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  • just wanted to point out some plus in all the minus

    Given the ve situation  i wanted to say one highly good thing that has xome from this is player unity in forums, most of the negative comments have vanished, those who have disagreed in the past, though they like...
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  • ive been permanently banned from using paintshop and custom emblems 

    can i have proof of why i was banned and why was there no warning?
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  • SMG's are absolutely ridiculous.

    Hasn't been a Call of Duty yet since Modern Warfare 2 that understands that SMG's should not be mid-to-long range weapons. Every single game, you can bet that 80% of the players are going to be using the Kuda, the VMP...
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  • Obj Based players NO K/D kiddies

    Looking for some DOM DEM and HP player who don't worry about k/d. All I've been seeing in any of these matches are TDM players who don't have a clue how to play with out crying about their k/d. Hard rushers and people...
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  • My view on the game after 6 prestiges

    dont feel like formating anything but here's what I think about the game this far in   Aim assist, bad player collision, bad bounce in aim after landing from jump/wall run ect, why Is it so dramatic? Recoil w...
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  • Looking for good players that play obj game modes

    Hi all, if you love domination and hardpoint and also love to win, I'm your guy. I'm looking for good obj players that will help me win. I'm trying to rank up quickly so hardpoint is the best game mode for that(beside...
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  • Scorestreaks

    Seems to me that most scorestreaks are too easy to destroy. I use the Talon, Cerberus and Raps most of the time but the Talon seems to be the most effective cause its not as easy to destroy. I finally put the GI Unit ...
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  • Nuketown Code not Working

    Hey everyone. I'm having this problem with my nuke town code. I live in Canada but I was given a gift of black ops 3 from Europe. The game obviously works, but when I enter my nuke town code it says code invalid or ex...
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    I am looking for teammates, Im Sick of losing because of teammates.  I PLAY HARDCORE TDM / DOMINATION / KILL CONFIRMED MY KDR 2.07  WIN RATIO 2.68 SPM 370   EASTERN TIME UNITED STATES PSN USERNAME : MOM...
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  • Black Hat/Tactical ?

    how do i use this thing? i have it out and all it says is its scanning it doesnt do anything  it says its supposed to take control of enemy scorestreaks and equipment but all it ever does is scanning .
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  • Permanent ban for no apparent reason - Cod Ghosts

    I recently started playing Ghosts again on private matches creating custom game-modes as the multiplayer on pc isn't played that much. And apparently a few days ago my account was permanently banned for "cheating" eve...
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  • The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • The Giant included in season passV

    I want to get The Giant but don't wanna buy the season pass if it is not included.
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