CodAWNews For those of you without Snapchat, here is the second teaser video from @CallofDuty. #BlackOps3 http://t.co/vuu6aOOf9a 08/04/2015 14:20     let's hope Nuketown doesn't make another appearance....
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  • Why is advanced warfare worse than black ops 2

    IIt's slower loading into a game .. It takes half hour before you can leave a lobby .. some guns are too powerful.. The spawns need sorting as you can get spawnwe next to an enemy almost every game .. even the mobile ...
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  • Alliance Wars Sneak Peek

    Commanders,   As promised, here's a sneak peek of the upcoming “Alliance Wars” feature that we're introducing in update 1.6. We'll share more information next week as we get closer to the 1.6 launch...
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  • PS4 Grand Master Prestige players get robbed!

    I think it's beyond unfair that we have to wait for Advanced Supply Drops to come out for so long and it's legit been so long now I don't even have a chance to earn them. When you hit level 20, 30, 40 and prestige you...
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  • You log in one evening...

    ... and are welcomed by a message informing you that you may select any one weapon variant to permanently unlock for the rest of your time on the game.  Any weapon, any variant, be it enlisted, pro, or elite. &nb...
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  • i need a clan

    I just recently got the Xbox one and aw and my old clan is still back on 360 need new crew to run with I like to play seriously and do clan wars and want to get with a group of people who are the same. I only have a 1...
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  • When did things "change" in COD

    COD HQ - AW   I was reading some older posts on how people reacted to certain (previous games) and what was occurring (then) to what is occurring now and what will happen in BO3.   The thread mentioned tit...
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  • Moderation Suggestion

    What if you made a probationary period for users or just plain made something that requires reputation points before someone can post without being moderated. I appreciate the fact that you have been trying (successfu...
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  • Performance drop since 4/2 Patch

    My system specs:   Intel Core i7 2600K @ 4.4GHz 16GB DDR3 1866 nVidia GTX 980 4GB   Before the recent patch, every single map including Defender would ALWAYS be at the 90FPS cap. Since the patch today, m...
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  • I did not receive the reward of clan war

      Hi, I am Brazilian, and this weekend I attended the clan war, and ended in the first place shot. But already have 4 days and have not received nor the clan exp or the exo.   Does anyone know what may hav...
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  • Winning score is now 100?

    When did the scoring change from 75 to 100 on TDM?
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  • Looking for a Highly active, respectful, Elite clan!

    played the game for some time now and been in and out of clans due to drama,non support, in activity!   I Know the ins and outs of the game, im active, always support, chat and help and give advice and expect th...
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  • DxG is Recruiting!! RED Clan Tags! Diamond Clan Wars!

    Demolition Gaming is an international clan community which places emphasis on clan wars. We are a Max Level Clan with RED Clan tags and are competing in DIAMOND clan wars. We're delighted to announce that we also have...
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  • Heroes Heal Time

    As you promote heroes the wait time gets ridiculously long. Waiting 2 or more hours for a downed hero. Maybe provide a boost to heal like the training compounds or reduce time. No one wants to wait hours for a fully u...
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  • Recruiting For PS4 Clan!

    CasualGam3rs are looking for new people to join the brand new clan! we are here to have fun and compete! Your KD Doesnt matter! We will be competing in Clan wars Very soon!   Requirements 14+ Must Have Mic B...
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  • My sky landers trap team portal keeps shutting off even with full batteries. How can I fix it or get a replacement?

    for whatever reason my skylanders trap team portal of power will randomly shut off even with fully charged or brand new batteries. How can I fix this or get a replacment?
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  • I got royalty on my lmgs but didnt get my jacket

    I got royalty lmgs and didnt get my weapons master jacket. Please help! Dont have all long shots on em1, but i can earn them easily @
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  • mi codigo no funcionaa! ayuda plz

    mi codigo de call of duty no funciona de mw3 y no se que haces me dice q no es valido pero nose porque ayudaa
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  • Rebuilding Clan (PS4)

    Hi, I'm rebuilding the clan and looking for new members.   We have been a level 22 clan for months now, but only a small group of our members actually plays Advanced Warfare (they don't like it) and they are ove...
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  • show rank even if not in top 100

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    It would be nice to see your rank on the Leaderboards page even if you are not in the top 100, so you can know where you stand versus other players.   Perhaps this could also be added to the player stats popup, ...
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