• Clan chat down?

    Every time I try and clan chat. It is giving me a clan chat unavailable  message.  Is anyone  else  having issues ?
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  • Defensive Player Gets 10% of SP Used

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    Currently, we get dogtags/gears that give us a small percentage of the cost of units sent against our base in PVP. It would be nice to also get around 10% of the skill points that were used on our base.   Right...
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  • Anti-Air Mines.

    Fix anti-air mines to actually kill Dragonfires.  The area of effect needs to be increased to account for the unpredictable nature of these units due to the game AI.  Also the current mines won’t kill ...
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  • recupération du saison pass black ops 2

    bonjour, comment récupérrer un code d activation de black op 2 season pass ? je l ai acheter en 2013, j ai le ticket de caisse avec le code, mais je l avais utilisé sur mon ancienne console qui avais un...
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  • Why do Activision do nothing to ban hackers?

    TosS-ModZ on the PS3 Is one of the most blatant hackers I have ever seen. I reported him in game (too many times to count), on facebook, to ambassadors, on the phone AND to official chat support for weeks - NO ACTION ...
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  • Host Migration Does Exist....

    Literally not even a minute, maybe two minutes into the KC game.  
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  • Hey. I am on Windows 10 64bits 8GB RAM 5.6GHz. I have Spider Man 2 and dowloaded it but when runnunig the game an error pops out saying : " The launcher has stopped working ". I have read the " ReadMe " categorie when opening the disk and realized that di

    Hey. I am on Windows 10 64bits 8GB RAM 5.6GHz. I have Spider Man 2 and dowloaded it but when runnunig the game an error pops out saying : " The launcher has stopped working ". I have read the " ReadMe " categorie when...
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  • Think i will cancel my preorder

    Beta or not, I was really looking forward to this game, but it just feels like a new mw3. I think it's time to be done with call of duty. The direction they all keep going with the franchise is the wrong way for me.
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  • Call of Duty Elite Clan

    Looking for members to join my clan "U.S.  Navy Seals" on Elite. Anyone can join right now, because i just made it a few days ago. If you want to win every game, play with experienced players, and get Elite Title...
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  • Clan

    Join my clan, the name is Fatez. You dont have to be Active everyday, but you need to atleast play on the weekends
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  • Sauvegarde Skylanders Lost Islands

    BOnjour,   j'ai relancé l'appli récemment sur IPad mais mon jeu est remis au niveau 1 . J'ai beau me reconnecter avec mes identifiants , rien n'y fait.  J'aimerais bien pouvoir reprendre ma partie...
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  • Wipeout NTSC on PAL system.

    We use a PALXBOX 360 system with MANY NTSC games. I never realized there could be an issue with a NTSC game, till I bought the kids Wipeout in the Zone. I get the error message as soon as the game starts to load. &nb...
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  • Descent Easter Egg discussion and theories

    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about the Descent easter egg yet so I decided to create this thread where we can discuss the easter egg for the Exo Zombies map Descent and any theories and leads that we should...
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  • Spawning in Black Ops 3, anyone understand it yet?

    Was curious what if anyones covered this thus far. I have heard some people say you spawn near your teammates now. I notice that in maps that are about even, the spawns seem solid, but when your on the mega losing tea...
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  • Any Objective Based Clans...? ps3

    I'm after a clan who plays things like SnD...Dom...Hardpoint etc who plays the objective, trying to get the win instead of camping in a corner or something. I can use snipers, shotguns, lmg's, smg's and ar's. and my o...
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  • Legendary supply drops

    has anyone gotten any legendary gear from normal supply drops since the update about two weeks ago?  To this point I have yet to receive a piece of legendary gear. Just wondering if anyone has had better luck tha...
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  • Im looking for a group to do all the Zombies easter eggs

    Im looking for a group to do all the zombies easter eggs.   Requirements: - Must have all the dlc maps - Must have a mic - Must be a decent player - Must be active   If you would like to do the easter...
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  • Black Ops 3 Beta Feedback

    What's up Treyarch!   Here are the things that my group of friends and I believe should be changed, adjusted, added, and fixed:         For those who do not want to read!     C...
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  • Black ops 3 Beta BLACK HAT change needed

    Black ops 3 Beta BLACK HAT change needed   Change Black hat ,so it hacks only enemy equipment and not kill streaks because personally me getting wraith and someone just to hack it with basic equipment makes no...
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  • Specialist Dialogue

    When playing black ops 3 the specialists play a big role. But another big role they play is ruining your mood by saying whatever they want profanity wise. Nearly every line that every specialist says contains profanit...
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