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BanCandy posted 4 years ago
Hey everyone - if you haven't had your rank restored yet please send me a msg on XBL "ban candy". I'll look into your account and if everything matches up and you weren't reset due to cheating I should be able to get your stats back.


  • wolfrizer 4 years ago

    I have messaged you here and on xbox about my problem. I still need to be reset.
  • Kingodrag

    Kingodrag 4 years ago

    i sent you a message on xbox
  • Jimbow1994 4 years ago

    i have been waiting two hrs and i have not been reset
  • AceAndreas 4 years ago

    I have been waiting for about a week now? I've sent you a message on here as I dont have an Xbox. I've been told you can re-rank PS3 members aswell. Please reply, I'm in urgent need of the re-rank.
  • AceAndreas 4 years ago

    It's been nearly 2 weeks now and I'm not sure what to do. I've sent you a message on here and I don't know if I am supposed to wait for a reply or if I just log on and it's re ranked. I don't want to touch the multiplayer yet as it says 0% completed on the main menu but it says my previous 3rd prestige rank on Call Of Duty Elite. I have not touched the multiplayer bit because I dont want it to be reset on Elite too.
  • sl33pytrue

    sl33pytrue 4 years ago

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  • BanCandy 4 years ago

    @AceAndreas go ahead and log on.
  • wolfrizer 4 years ago

    I have waited three weeks. I have still not been reset. I am still asking you reset my World at war. It is all messed up. I was told average was 72 hours.
  • gamerzorbitz 4 years ago

    i msged you on xbox gt:iThrow Knifess please give me my stats back on mw3
  • gamerzorbitz 4 years ago

    you can check me i haven't done any prestige token glitch! or boosting!
  • boltactionpro 4 years ago

    over 4 weeks now for me. messaged you on april 5th and ive waited till now. dont really know what to do.
  • PolyAfilliated 4 years ago

    Hey BAN CANDY...  I don't know how I was reset, but I was on prestige 15 and now I'm back to Prestige 1.   I've spent countless hours to get to where i'm at, you can see that I've put in  30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm very frustrated with the fact that someone/ or something resetted my stats.  could you PLEASE...PLEASE Give me back my 15th Prestige!  I'm the leader of my elite clan and I need my stats.  Don't feel like p
  • PolyAfilliated 4 years ago

    ...don't feel like playing now with out all the hardwork i put into for this as a dedicated call of duty gamer.  I'm assumming somebody hacked my STATS or maybe my Cousin mightve jumped on my system and accidently pressed the wrong button while I was not at home.  but Can you PLEASE give it to me a.s.a .p???  JuNe_KOoNZ-48    ( Ps 3 )
  • PolyAfilliated 4 years ago

    COULD YOU KINDLY ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON MY PS3, AND/OR MESSAGE ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!  I'm a Clan leader on the elite. I need my stats for THE LONEWOLF OPS AND CLAN OPS!!!!!! Please message me on my ps3 A.S.A.P!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Konvicted007 4 years ago

    I was sent back to the begining when i prestiged to 15 i went to get the ACR gun and the screen went crazy for a secound and statred me over I called cod activision and they said you could help me get mey stats
  • Konvicted007 4 years ago

    activision stated that you might be able to get my prestige back as long as i don't do anything illegal and i don't, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me with this matter
  • Konvicted007 4 years ago

    sorry I forgot I have the ps3
  • Poisonxtc23423 4 years ago        I've reported these people few days ago for boost when I join a lobby for team tac and I saw them boost Then yesterday night I managed to find them again I was like Wtf?  - Please I hate boosters do something about it, Look at there recent games, The video proves everything Names: Poison_XtC     Name:I_Merkyou      Name: The High Life ( Not sure how many spaces but yo
  • NateHeld 4 years ago

    BANCANDY... I messaged you a few days ago about my account. I let my friend import my account for 8 months while I was in paramedic school and he did the token glitch.  He put over 100 days of double XP both game play and guns. When I got my account back I'm negative 2600 tokens. I want to reset my account so I can be legit. can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reset me!!! My Xbox gamer tag is Addiction nV. Thank you!!!!!