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Game remastered for Interstate 76

Activision Support


Hello, I would like to ask if there´s any interest of activision to remake the games Interstate 76 and Interstate 82.

I thought with the Mad Max Fury road movie would incentivate you guys to relaunch the game.

I would live to replay the game, and the other packs the were launch back there, that time it was dificult to buy here in my city.

Now, there a lot of people that would rebuy, as well a lot of people would love the remake, or the continuation of the series.

I certanly would not just rebuy the original game or the remake, as well would recorder to post on my youtube channel the original series, as if you would launch the new game I would love to buy and post it.


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I am with you!! I absolutely loved this game and after playing CrossOut for an evening I couldnt help but think to myself just how much fun a remake of Interstate 76 would be....




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I would like both Interstate 76, and Interstate 82 remastered for PC, I played interstate 82, and bought the game when I was 10 years old, when I first got into computers.

I played alot of games like twisted metal, and other car games, but the emotional attachment to the interstate series had me.I would tell how i felt about the games, it was not like the other games, the freedom.

Just like any other AAA game formula, could be used on the remakes, a freedom sandbox game, worked on in secret, to prevent leaks and wasted funding.

More in depth story dialogue, custom ride building, of old muscle cars. {MAD MAX} was a failure.

survival is one of the basic things that keeps some video games in our new age playable.

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I made a petition in

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