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Game reset after trying to visit a friends

Activision Support

Game reset after trying to visit a friends

My Activate account is Sparhawk1969.

My tablet is a Nexus 10.

The problem occured around 6:45 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) on March 30, 2014.

I try visiting a friend skyland kingdom. I got the message "An error occurred trying to visit your friend, Please try again later."

Then back into the game, I get a bunch of old objectives poping up s(and some than cannot be done anymore - like clearing and island of rocks and tree, but the island was clear 12 hours ago). I log out of activate, reboot the tablet. Restart the game. The game start at level 1!!! I then reconnected to my Activate account. I am still at level 1!!!!

I want my stuff back, I was 47% done at Level 25, most of 60 skylanders were at level 10. I dont want to restart again for the third time!!!!

Anyway to restore a previous backup?

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