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How do i install COD2 on Windows 10? Install won't complete.

Activision Support

It seems to install until the very last and a i get a screen prompt that install failed. I have tried every trick i can think of.

I am i finally going to have to get a life now because it won't run  on a newer OS or is there a work around?


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I'm still running 7, but my problem is slightly different: I can't get COD2 to even start to install.  I get this 'known problems' message but no clarification on just what those known problems actually are - help if you can.

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I had the same problem.  This relates to the retail CD version.  I found a solution on another thread which seemed to work for me.  Run the setup file on the CD in Vista SP2 compatibility mode (not the recommended XP SP3 mode).  When it prompts to create a shortcut click no (you can create that manually later if you like).  Then click no to installing DirectX.  After installing apply the 1.3 patch (you can obtain it here: Call of Duty 2 | Files | Call of Duty 2 (PC) Patch v 1.3 | v13 | Official Patches | Game Front).  After installing, the game will not launch due to Windows 10 blocking the safedisk DRM that COD2 uses.  You will need to apply a no-cd patch in order to get the game run on Windows 10.  There are unofficial patches available online but they come with risks as malicious software can be associated with such patches.  You have to check the source carefully and apply at own risk, ensuring you have a good AV installed.  The alternative is to purchase the Steam version (I have an aversion to rebuying software I already own though).  Once installed, the game runs well in XP SP3 compatibility mode.  I hope this helps.

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So from looking here and elsewhere online it seems to be that there is no true help for this matter. Does that mean also that there is no help available from the Activsion support team as well?

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