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I got threatened by [Removed by Moderator] . He said he was going to BAN ME! He DEMOTED ME!!!!!!!!! BAN HIM BEFORE HE BANS SOMEONE ELSE!!!

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I got threatened by [Removed by Moderator] . He s...

I Was Prestige 1 lvl 20 and he demoted me to lvl 1. He Threatened TO BAN ME!!!! Please help and ban him before he BANS SOMEONE ELSE!!!!

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Re: I got threatened by [Removed by Moderator] . ...

in reply to FLiix

Hi Fliix,

We understand your concern regarding your account; however name and shame is not allowed in the community forum Support Forum Expectations and Guidelines | Community .

Can you please (without naming another player) provide more details regarding your rank/level reset?  Additionally, please specify the game title and platform you are on.

Regards ^AH

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