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I keep getting "Error creating dialog: CD Key Check" every time I try to instll my The Movies game from my disc.

Activision Support

I have a valid copy of The Movies on CD. Every time I attempt to install the game onto my PC it crashes with the error message "Error creating Dialog: CD Key Check." I've had the game on my PC before, but had to reinstall it after a crash. get this error every time I attempt to run the setup. How do I fix it? Is there a registry file that should be n my PC to read the dic or a file I need to removed from a bad uninstall?

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Hi Crdroxxpl,

Thanks so much for your post.  You may want to try un-installing the game completely then re-installing it.  If  you had the game on your PC before but your system crashed, there may be a corruption or a bad install.   Make sure you have properly un-installed the game prior to re-installing it.  Additionally, can you please provide your system specs?  Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Thanks ^AH

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