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Is Activision Going out of Business?

Activision Support

Is Activision Going out of Business?

I was just illegally banned for no reason and I keep reading many more like me that did nothing to deserve banning.  I paid for season Pass and downloaded it last night.  Played for 2 hours and this morning got banned.  A new map with fog kept glitching and I have great internet.  I think their software thinks the customer is causing the glitch and it is automatically permanently banning people. I am going to try to get help but it sounds like they also have an automatic blame the customer response instead of investigating each account.  If it is a software malfunction on their end they will have to admit it and fix it, but I doubt they will take the banned profile back.  I bet it will be a "Sorry we fixed the problem, but you need to make a new profile and loose everything you accomplished".     I am afraid this might be a pyramid scheme or fraud where you pay them $50 then they lock you out and keep your money.  Now you have to buy other games or consoles.  Hope Sony isn't part of this...

Anyone with connections to the gaming world should pay attention to how many good customers are not getting help.

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Re: Is Activision Going out of Business?

in reply to lmitchellb

I am facing the same situation, I played a few rounds of domination this morning with my son, took a break, and when I returned my account was permanently banned for no reason at all.

My son and I did nothing wrong, we didn't violate and any rules, connect to the online gave through broadband (so there is no question of connectivity) but yet when the game glitches it's the customers fault.

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