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Is anyone able to help in fixing a "Destruction V1" Prestige & stats reset?

Activision Support



Is anyone able  to assist in fixing and correcting a hack and gamer score reset by someone using "Destruction v1 xbox360lsbest"

This is the second time this has happened to me. I was happily playing MW3 and ended up getting dragged into a game lobby where someone was doing headshots from what looked like 60 metres above the map. I came out of the lobby but ended up getting dragged back in every time I looked for a game.

Now my Prestige level has been reset to 0 and my "Classes" have all been reset. I can still see the old class with the guns and perks, like Ninja Pro, but when I select that class I end up with a M4A1 and basic perks.


Can this be reset and removed and the Prestige Level set back to what it was?


Why isn't there a Microsoft or Activision fix to stop people using Destruction V1 to cheat gamers, as this just gives a negative impression of Activision's commitment to gamer's who play new and older games?


Many thanks in advance.

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Sorry to hear about the reset Smiley Sad

Sadly there is no way to restore accounts in MW3, as the system was not built in to the game like it is with newer titles. Back in MW3, we relied on the console companies to handle cheater enforcement, but they can be a little slow- so we built our own tools into more recent games to handle these types of problems ourselves.

Sorry that we can't help more with this! If you're on PS3, you can always create a new account to continue to play online. Also, you will find a vast difference in cheaters and account issues playing a newer game like WWII, BO3, MWR, IW, etc. ^NM

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Destruction V1 has been allowed to disrupt and hack for years.  Activision does NOTHING about it.  We burned anything Activision because of this.  Just Google XBOX360LSBEST.  This hacker is so proud of his work.  Activision knows of this hacker and how it destoys gaming...yet...does NOTHING.


Do not purchase anything related to Activision Publishing, INC.  They... do... not... care... once... you... pay... your... $$$!  


Michael Morhaime should be ASHAMED!

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I agree. Activision, and Microsoft / Sony, could and should, do more to stop hacking. Less hacker's means a better gaming experience and therefore happier customers who will be brand loyal.
Sadly they don't get this.
I'm now going Activision free and they can stick their games up their Crack-tivision.
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